About program

Gdańsk Business Week is a week-long intensive summer camp for young people with a group of American and Polish managers. This year will be the tenth edition of the project! The aim of the project is to develop the participants’ knowledge of business and entrepreneurship and to increase their professional motivation, match their competences to the needs of the labour market and popularize educational initiatives among the local business community. Previous editions of Gdańsk Business Week have shown that the course also shapes a number of soft competences of the participants, such as the ability to work in a team or self-presentation and has a positive impact on the development of self-confidence and self-confidence. The GBW Business Week camp lasts a week, but throughout the year the project includes activities supporting the development of young people – such as English classes, which are an integral part of GBW, and a number of inspiring meetings widely related to business knowledge.
So far, the Gdańsk Business Week programme has been used by nearly 900 participants, and a community of active young people and business people supporting them has been formed around the project, from which an association of project graduates has emerged. The association Poland Business Week with a support of Inkubatora Starter organizes meetings and trainings supporting the idea of developing pro-enterprise competences among young people and stimulates the community of young people focused on developing competences needed in the dynamically changing labour market.

The project is aimed at a maximum of 100 people aged 15-19 years. The recipients of the project are active young people who want to take up new challenges and have good language comprehension of English in which all activities take place during the camp. The program also involves graduates of the program supporting the organization of the camp as volunteers and managers from the local business community who, together with American managers, known as Company Advisors, are also involved in the program.

Program 2020


(Business Simulation) – students are divided into company teams and receive different positions within the company. These positions cover key business areas such as marketing, finance and manufacturing. The teams manage companies that manufacture and sell portable digital media players. They face different challenges to make decisions needed to do business over the next two years.

a person who is at the same time a representative of one of the companies and a person running the entire GBW.

representatives of companies who act as mentors for the participants of Gdańsk Business Week throughout the whole week of the workshop

the leader of a particular company/team

Activity where pupils have to create objects/machines from rubbish. They work in teams that have been assessed in specific categories. The task teaches them teamwork and develops their creativity.

those are the people who survived previous Gdansk Businnes Week, and they are now true experts in what is going on during that time 🙂

a step-by-step manual. Everyone will be given one set 🙂

a task for participants to create a Fanpage on Facebook, which will gain the most likes in 6 days.

Stockholders’ presentation meeting, one of the main tasks is to create an innovative product, which will be later presented at the Trade Show and presented in such a way that investors (in which the guests of the programme played) would want to invest and develop it.

Presentations aimed at encouraging investors to invest in participants’ products