About program

Gdansk Business Week (GBW) is a week-long intensive and international summer entrepreneurship camp for young people run in English by a group of, mostly, American managers. This year, due to a pandemic situation, it will be held entirely in virtual space. This year’s event, to a greater extent than before, will be hosted by the programme’s licensing developer – Washington Business Week, run by the Foundation for Private Enterprise Education. All those who apply via the Gdansk Business Week application form (see FOR PARTICIPANTS)will be able to attend the virtual camp completely FREE. This year, the following is waiting for you:

  • 5 different camp dates from June to August 2021

  • 4 different thematic tracks (business, advanced, clean energy and healthcare)

  • an international group of participants (including from the United States, Italy, Georgia, Belarus and Poland)
  • camp completely in English, with the support of American managers and volunteers
  • use of new business simulation program WILE
  • Participants registered by GBW will be offered a workshop at the end of summer in the building of Gdansk Business Incubator STARTER on business issues
  • The programme is aimed at male and female pupils of high school aged 15-19. It is intended primarily for people from Pomeranian Voivodeship.

    The recipients of the programme are active young people who like to take on new challenges and who speak English freely, in which all the activities during the camp take place.

    The aim of the programme is to develop the participants’ knowledge of business and entrepreneurship, increase their professional motivation and match their competences with the needs of the labour market. Previous stationary editions of Gdansk Business Week have shown that the course also shapes a number of soft competencies of the participants, such as teamwork and self-presentation skills, and positively influences their development of self-confidence and self-confidence. We believe that next year, 2022, we will all meet on the spot, in Gdansk!

    So far, almost 900 participants have benefited from the Gdansk Business Week programme, and a community of active young people and business people supporting them has formed around it, from which an association of project graduates has emerged. The Poland Business Week Association with the support of Starter Incubator organizes meetings and trainings supporting the idea of developing entrepreneurial competencies among young people and animates a community of young people focused on developing competencies needed in the dynamically changing labour market. Temporarily, due to the pandemic, the activity has been suspended, but we sincerely hope that soon everything will be back to normal!

    Program 2021

    Gdańsk Business Week 2021 is a virtual part of the programme run in partnership with the Foundation for Private Enterprise Education. Gdansk Business Incubator Starter is its organizer since 2011. This year’s online formula will, as in the stationary version, consist of: five-day workshops, conducted fully in English, where participants will learn the basics of business from international instructors representing various companies and institutions.


    Participants, together with their peers from abroad, will be divided into groups and tasked with creating an innovative product and a successful company using the WILE business simulation software. You will learn, among other things, how to run a marketing and promotional campaign and how to create an innovative product/service. You will also take part in a virtual Trade Fair! And all this in an international, inspiring environment and a great, positive atmosphere!

    This year, the programme offer has been enriched with additional thematic tracks. You can also choose as many as 5 different dates! In addition to pure business tracks such as Business Week and Advanced Business Week (for graduates of the basic level from previous years) you will be able to take part in themes such as Renewable Energy (Clean Energy Week) and Safe, Ethical and Affordable Healthcare (Telehealth/Healthcare Week).

    Let’s think about it.

    Think carefully about which term and which track you want to take! You can choose from:

  • 21-25 June (Business and Telehealth/Healthcare) THE LIMIT OF PPLACES IS END
  • 28 June – 2 July (Business, Advanced Business and Clean Energy) THE LIMIT OF PPLACES IS END
  • 12 – 16 July (Business and Clean Energy) THE LIMIT OF PPLACES IS END
  • 26 – 30 July (Business, Advanced Business, Telehealth/Healthcare)THE LIMIT OF PPLACES IS END
  • 09-13-August (Business, Advanced Business, Telehealth/Healthcare & Clean Energy Week) THE LIMIT OF PPLACES IS END
  • NOTE: Gdansk Business Week 2021 is part of the Washington Business Week program, so virtual meeting times will be adjusted to Washington state local time. Workshops within the camp take place between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm (i.e. between 5:30 pm and 11:00 pm Polish time!)

    . For more information, visit WASHINGTON BUSINESS WEEK – VIRTUAL PROGRAMS 2021

    If you want to participate FREE – Take a look at FOR PARTICIPANTS and register via Gdansk Business Week!


    (Business Simulation) – students are divided into company teams and receive different positions within the company. These positions cover key business areas such as marketing, finance and manufacturing. The teams manage companies that manufacture and sell portable digital media players. They face different challenges to make decisions needed to do business over the next two years. A completely new business simulation integrated into the zoom platform will be used in 2021.

    a person who is at the same time a representative of one of the companies and a person running the entire GBW.

    representatives of companies who act as mentors for the participants of Gdańsk Business Week throughout the whole week of the workshop

    the leader of a particular company/team

    leader of finances

    a task for participants to create a Fanpage on Facebook, which will gain the most likes in a few days

    Stockholders’ presentation meeting, one of the main tasks is to create an innovative product, which will be later presented at the Trade Show and presented in such a way that investors (in which the guests of the programme played) would want to invest and develop it.

    Presentations aimed at encouraging investors to invest in participants’ products