Questions and answers

To qualify you for participation we need a set of signed and scanned documents: a recruitment form with declarations and a leisure participant card. Remember to put a signature on each page of the document.

If you can’t find any information about your past vaccinations and you have been vaccinated as recommended at the appropriate times, write in the appropriate box “according to the vaccination calendar”. If you have not been vaccinated against anything, write this information too.

Parents or legal guardians.

If you are 18 years old, then your signatures are required, i.e. the applicant participant.

We have a lot of work to do, but we’ll definitely write you back for ALL the applications. Recruitment lasts until June 10th, until then we need to receive a set of completed and signed documents from you. Therefore, we will contact you by June 10 to at least confirm that your application has been accepted.

After 10th of June we will prepare a list of persons qualified for participation and a reserve list. We will surely let you know which of them you are on 🙂 If you are on the list of accepted persons, then you will have one week to deliver to Gdańsk Business Incubator Starter (3b Lęborska Street) a proof of payment of the fee of 500 PLN and originals of all documents. We will inform you at what times the document reception point will be open.

Please write to first.

The members of our team will call the participants/posts after accepting their application to have a short conversation. The only thing we are interested in is whether the person is communicative – there will be no test of English words in economics, also without panic 🙂 First of all, we want to get to know you a bit 🙂

We invite you to the Advanced edition, which will take place simultaneously with the basic part. Fill in all the recruitment documents, just make sure to mark in the form that you want to take part in Advanced Business Week.

Participation in Gdansk Business Week is open to people aged 15 (over)-19 who live in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

You can find the latest information in the news tab and on our fanpage on Facebook GBW (don’t forget to like us to stay up to date).

Classes will be held in Ship and General Education Schools CONRADINUM in Gdansk Wrzeszcz, and accommodation and meals will be provided by Bursa Gdansk. Your safety will be supervised by tutors.

We will later publish on the website and on FB, a list of things to take to the camp.Keep an eye on us!

The most important thing for us is that you take openness and willingness to learn new things with you. On the spot you will learn everything you will need for these 6 days. If you do not know something, dare to ask! You can also take part in events organized by Poland Business Week – an association of graduates of the program – you will surely learn something valuable and meet interesting people.

We would love you to be with us, but bear in mind that the building where the lectures take place and where you stay overnight is not fully adapted for people with, for example, movement and visual disabilities. But it is up to you to decide – first of all, read the description of the building’s accessibility:

We want to shout out loud “yeeeeees!” but it is better to ask someone who has already participated in Gdansk Business Week. And best of all, see for yourself – you won’t regret it 🙂