How can you support the program?

Gdańsk Business Week is a great opportunity for young people who want to invest in their future and develop their entrepreneurial potential. Those who are ambitious and talented, but despite their numerous assets they still need mentoring of people more experienced than themselves, who, thanks to their many years of practice, will help them take the first step on the path to their own business.

You can support the program in any way you want, both during the workshop week and throughout the year, helping participants prepare for the next edition of Gdańsk Business Week.

You run a coaching company?

You can organize workshops for future young businessmen and make them shout “Yes, I can!”.

You think that foreign languages are the key to success?

Provide an English language course to a child who cannot afford to pay for his or her studies and would love to take part in our project. Take on the role of a Company Advisor (so called Company Advisor) and share your experience and valuable knowledge as a mentor during the next edition of Gdańsk Business Week (we provide all-day board and lodging, possibility to adjust individual schedule depending on time availability).

Think what else you could do to set up an entrepreneurial spirit in young people and make them real business sharks. The range of possibilities is huge! Determined to help? Write to us at the address: , and we will answer all your questions and suggestions.

What is the role of Company Advisor (CA)?

Company Advisors are representatives of companies who act as mentors for the participants of Gdańsk Business Week throughout the week of the workshop. For the purposes of the workshop, young people are divided into groups, where they run virtual companies based on a business simulation. The work of each team is supported by Company Advisors. This role was usually played by an American manager. In the United States, the involvement of managers is part of the development system for company employees. We have taken the same direction, implementing the program in close cooperation with the business, which also integrates the local business environment. Each youth team is supported by an American-Polish managerial duo. In 2014 we implemented a pilot component of the program called “Employee Development Program”, which is aimed at managers from the local business environment and allows them to be involved in the program as Company Advisors – on the same basis as American managers have so far. This program is aimed at improving managerial competence. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to exchange experiences with employees of the largest corporations in the world.

What do you gain by supporting Gdańsk Business Week?

Improvement of managerial qualifications of the Company Advisors who take part in the implementation of the Program, including: team building, time management, development of leadership potential or coaching approach, exchange of experience, ideas, company culture, the way of working and managing with top managers of large international corporations, such as Boeing, improvement of business English, improvement of public speaking, establishing contacts with representatives of local and global business, impact on building and shaping the future staff, increasing awareness of your company among young people participating in Gdańsk Business Week. One week – many changes for you and your company!

Become a partner of GDANSK BUSINESS WEEK 2020!

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